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Old Homepage This is the link to my old homepage, some of the content is still active.
Good vs Evil list Humans have been around millions of years. Yet we still have trouble to identify good and evil. In my opinion it is very simple, so I made a list.
Google Google is a extremely powerful search-engine. It generates lots of targets in an amazingly short time.
Nu.nl nl Nu.nl is a nice Dutch news website. Go here for the latest Dutch news.
CNN.com CNN is the best International news website there is. Go here for international news.
TVgids nl The Dutch TV-guide for any day of the week.
9292ov.nl nl This is a site about the Dutch national traffic. Go here if you need a train or bus.
Internet Movie Database The Internet Movie Database.
Hyves nl Hyves.nl is a Dutch friends network site.
Nederland.fm nl Nederland.fm; use this site to access any Dutch radio broadcast.
Marktplaats nl Dutch site to buy/sell anything. (roughly translated: market place)
Elby.nl nl Website of a good friend. It's about photography & design.
Het weer nl Check this site to see the actual Dutch weather.
Buienradar.nl nl A radar image site to keep track of the actual Dutch weather.
Free World Flags Here you can download gif images of all flags in the world.
Hattrick Nice online soccer managment game.
Hattrick Freaks nl Some local Dutch Hattrick competition with friends.
Pat Condell Welcome to Pat Condell's Godless Comedy.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, while having existed in secrecy for hundreds of years, has its own place on the internet right now.
Whisky Festival nl International Whisky Festival/Whisky Live Holland.
Pot Still Festival nl Taste different kinds of spirits. Mostly whisky, cognac, bourbon, rum, grappa, armagnac & calvados.

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Informatique nl Informatique is a sales site for IT equipment.
Mycoolbutton.com Mycoolbutton is a site that generates buttons for your website. I created my webportal buttons here.
Adobe Flash Player check Check here if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.
Java check Check here if you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer.
W3C Markup Validation Service HTML validation for webpages.


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World of Warcraft Europe This is the main website of World of Warcraft Europe.
The Khalasar The official website of The Khalasar.
Dragonblight Community forum The Dragonblight community forum.
Maxdps.com The Maxdps site. (item rankings)
Wow-heroes.com Wow-heroes webpage. (PVE char info & ratings)
Elitistjerks Forums The Elitistjerks Forums.
Gasten zonder Grenzen Forums nl The Forums of the Dutch guild "Gasten zonder Grenzen".
WoW Signature Generator Create cool WoW signatures.
Swagdog.com Great site to order World of Warcraft T-shirts.



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